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  • Customer proximity

We are customer-focused and we continually strive to innovate and enhance our products, service and solutions. Our experienced engineers work in close cooperation with our customers to guarantee that we meet their specific requirements.

  • Teamwork

We put great emphasis on quick decision-making and unbureaucratic processes. Due to the close teamwork of our experienced employees, we are able to react to the various requirements of our customers fast and flexibly.

  • Responsibility

The quality products by Huber and Ranner are backed by the extensive knowledge and experience of our engineers. Each individual employee is highly committed and takes responsibility for our manufactured products. Responsibility creates quality.

  • Products

Huber and Ranner offer customized products and services of the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. Our company bundles theoretical expertise with practical experience. We have the right solution for your application.

  • Flexibility

Huber and Ranner offer custom-tailored air handling equipment for flexible solutions to meet even the most sophisticated requirements. All our products consist of singular modules that match each other ideally and can be arranged in a flexible manner.

  • X-Case

Thicker casing and intelligent profiles provide more solidity and tightness. The housing components are more effectively connected with external panel joints. No screw connection in the air flow is the key to hygiene. The profile in its simple implementation – pure in form and function.


AHU plants and equipment are as individual as each operation site. Each project, each industry has different requirements, specific quality standards and individual goals. We have the right solution for you. We develop bespoke and individual air handling systems and do not shun any challenge.

Our Projects

Huber & Ranner manufacture a variety of products for different markets. Every industry has specific requirements that need to be met. Therefore, we develop individual and optimal air handling solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We meet this challenge with our long-standing experience.

  • With over 30 years of experience, Huber & Ranner have reached a standard of quality that meets all requirements. This applies to the product quality, the complaint behavior or meeting deadlines.

  • The need for security requires a reliable partner and high-quality products such as the air handling units by Huber and Ranner.